QSTC provides advanced space engineering solutions that integrate an innovative proprietary portfolio of satellite technologies and disruptive business solutions to support the domestic and international market through telecommunications, IoT, data science, and additive manufacturing from our facilities in the Canada.Innovation Story/marketThough a start-up, QSTC already possesses proven intellectual property and ready-to-build designs for space solutions, including commercial communication satellites, propulsion systems, les and unmanned orbital spacecraft.

QSTC Inc industry veteran with years of experience in Space industry. The senior management team includes executives with in-depth international experience in space, aerospace, logistics, security and risk management. QSTC partners with organizations in aerospace and vertical industries. We have already partnered with some of the leading space programs with whom we share knowledge, projects and learning opportunities.

QSTC Inc is headquartered with manufacturing, R&D and Global sales in Vaudreuil (Quebec), and satellite offices and manufacturing in in Cape Canaveral, Florida, Berlin (Germany), Dniper (Ukraine) and Sydney (Australia). Although we plan to expand throughout the country, we chose Quebec as a “home state” because it has a robust business ecosystem with 1,200-aerospace-related companies, ample space for manufacturing growth, excellent aerospace education, and a strong talent pool of veterans, engineers and Ph.D’s. We serve companies, educators and government agencies. Whether you want to launch a payload, build a satellite, analyze data from someone else’s satellite, build a new spacecraft, or undertake a confidential project, we can help you get it done. We have established advanced manufacturing facilities for making satellites and spacecraft as well as a global presence for integrating services from around the world. If you have a need, we have the solution. If you have a business idea that involves space in any way, we have the platform or know who does.Just as the internet lets anyone with a good idea start a business overnight, QSTC Space Systems helps anyone with a good idea go right to work in space. Specifically, we offer orbital space systems, satellite constellation reusable unmanned spacecraft, advanced manufacturing, engineering services, deep space exploration (rover, robotics and lander) and special project execution.

QSTC’s capabilities are surprisingly vast, including satellite solutions, satellite propulsion systems, rocket engines, nontoxic propellants, low cost and high resolution earth observations, security, deep space exploration orbital manufacturing, and data science management, including big data, AI and IoT. The company can also take on special projects in areas like systems testing, engineering, scientific research, mining, oil & energy, orbital debris removal, search and rescue, scientific research and agro-space.

QSTC came into existence with one objective and vision to provide innovative business opportunities with disruptive technological developments, for present and future humankind. Space industry has seen boom in technology development in recent years but still need lot of innovation and vision for serving humankind rather than just commercial. QSTC has been very focused on developing the solutions to reduce cost and providing high return on investment to the operator/customers. With this vision in mind, QSTC focused on new innovative ways to design commercial satellites using cost effective solutions such as very low cost Satellite spacecraft, start of art Ultra High throughput Satellites (UTHP) providing 100gbps or more capacity using our unique architecture.

QSTC is also actively working to develop Laser based communication systems to eliminate bulky RF components and reflectors making satellite cost. Market has been very supportive to QSTC new innovative solutions and QSTC has already been selected to provide 3 GEO communication satellites constellations providing over 300gbps aggregate capacity over Africa, MENA and South East Asia, Currently negotiations are going on for two laser communications systems providing over 250gbps for each satellite, Our efficient Electric propulsion systems with comparatively higher efficiency is welcomed by the customers and QSTC has received multiple requests QSTC continues to invest and develop new ways to provide cost effective space solutions to our customer and focusing on technology for coming decade if not years. One of the focus is to develop Nano tube based metal to be used in space which shall revolutionize the way industry works with metal today. Apart from Laser based communication QSTC is working to develop re-usable multifunctional unmanned shuttle providing key services to various Govt. agencies to monitor their assets, minor repairs as well as deployment of payload in space in case of emergency. QSTC shall be able to provide payload deployment services in two weeks. We plan to have shuttle to LEO in Phase I and eventually to Lunar orbit to monitor Lunar gateway and provide other vital services as and if requested by the agencies.

Our Services

  • 1. Contract R & D
  • 2. Engineering consultants
  • 3. Ground receiving stations & components
  • 4. Industrial benefits consultants
  • 5. Remote sensing equipment
  • 6. Satellite launch consultants
  • 7. Satellites, satellite systems & components
  • 8. Sounding rockets
  • 9. Technical illustration and drafting
  • 10. Technical writing and editing
  • 11. Unmanned vehicles