Electric propulsion systems

Manufacturer of the most advanced and innovative propulsion systems designed to significantly reduce risks, improve quality, operate using "Green Propellants" and monopropellants; reduce complexity and standardized in only one design to be used for multiple arrays, accordingly to the missions, performing at higher level of the traditional rocket engines, and at a highly competitive costs

Propulsion Systems

Design, build, and integrate satellite propulsion systems (Nanosats 1-10kg to 3,000kg satellites) and for any type of missions.

  • • Hall Effect Electrical Thrusters – HEET
    1. Integrated into the bus for better performance and failure mitigation
    2. Generate thrust by creating and accelerating ionized working gas over magnetic and electrostatic fields.
    3. Scalable for larger and heavier spacecrafts

Our Services

  • 1. Contract R & D
  • 2. Engineering consultants
  • 3. Ground receiving stations & components
  • 4. Industrial benefits consultants
  • 5. Remote sensing equipment
  • 6. Satellite launch consultants
  • 7. Satellites, satellite systems & components
  • 8. Sounding rockets
  • 9. Technical illustration and drafting
  • 10. Technical writing and editing
  • 11. Unmanned vehicles