GEO Spacecraft

QSTC provides the innovative SIGMA Series satellite platform. These platform substitute the big, heavy, and costly GEO large communication satellites for the most efficient, effective, low-cost, and high performance solution for telecom operators.

Our platform can significantly reduce the size and mass of those big satellites. The Sigma Series has the right-size version to operate in GEO efficiently. It's the "Smallsat" for GEO the telecom industry were expecting for years.

Our advanced optical communication systems, significantly reduced the power consumption, mass, and volume; keeping and exceeding the communication performance.

Because the Sigma Series satellite platform, it's more energy-efficient, and requires less mass and volume; the size of the big communication satellites could be reduced between 40%. Other benefits are:

1. The length of the mission could be extended for up to 33%.

2. The launch costs could for up to 45% because it is not necessary to launch vehicles to reach GEO. The Sigma Series it's equipped with integrated propulsion systems capable of moving the satellite from LEO to GEO without compromising the length of the mission or life expectancy of the satellites. This technology's satisfying the gap in a niche market for GEO telecom satellite industry. No one else in the satellite market for GEO is capable of providing any similar solution like we are providing through Sigma Series of satellites. the We are offering the future of the GEO telecom satellites and opening the door for new companies to operate high-performance GEO satellites at lower and cost-effective costs.

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